Co-op Careers Uncovered

In partnership with Jake Richings and the Co-op, we developed a series of 15 TikTok-style videos targeting kids aged 13-15. This curriculum was designed to help young adolescents explore potential career paths, offering inspiration and valuable insights for their future choices.

This project was immensely worthwhile for several reasons. Firstly, the use of TikTok-style videos engaged the target audience, making the curriculum more effective and enjoyable. Partnering with influencer Jake Richings and the Co-op added credibility and relevance, expanding its reach. By introducing early career guidance, the project helped students develop a sense of direction and purpose. Furthermore, showcasing real-world insights from various professionals inspired kids to explore diverse career paths. Additionally, promoting digital literacy through this modern approach aligned perfectly with the preferences of the digital-native generation. Ultimately, the project's impact will likely lead to better long-term outcomes for the young learners involved.

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