Disability In Sports Coaching

FA Women's High Performance Centre, University Of Gloucestershire, University Of Gloucestershire Students Union

Our testimonial video for the FA featuring the story of Marcus Renzi, the only disabled coach of an able-bodied football team, was a huge success. The objective of the video was to showcase Marcus' inspiring story and highlight the importance of inclusion and diversity in sports. The target audience was other coaches and people concerned with disability month. The messaging was all about overcoming adversity and carrying on even if you are different. The video received an overwhelmingly positive response from the FA, the university, and all other involved parties. It even brought many viewers to tears. The video was the highest performing video on the FA Learning Twitter page during disability month. Overall, the video was a powerful tool for promoting inclusion and diversity in sports and showcasing the value of the FA's initiatives on this front.

Marcus Renzi

"The film itself was brilliant, and has, from the comments, left people in tears of joy, as it shows how far I have come in the 27 years of having a disability" -Marcus Renzi

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