Our Services

The Taster Suite

Our new offering for startups that want to get their business seen online without breaking the bank! Become the talk of your networking group without spending 20 hours of your month trying to learn how photoshop works...

  • 15 Videos per month
  • 20 Images
  • 1 LinkedIn post
    Half a day on location

The "Middle One"

Keep up with the big boys on social media by posting a bespoke piece of video content every day! No more Canva, no more "how to edit" YouTube tutorials, just a whole month of content, every month...

  • 30 Videos per month
  • 40 Images
  • 2 LinkedIn posts
  • 1 Day on location

The Scaling Suite

The output of a full social media marketing team for the price of a junior social media manager. More content than you can shake a stick out without the hassle of managing a 10 person marketing department, sounds like a no brainer...

  • 60 Videos per month
  • 80 Images
  • 4 LinkedIn posts
  • 2 Days on location



E-mail: Matt@Searmediagroup.com

The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire