Why We Exist

"With that reputation to live up to, even a 9 year old couldn't let her down- and he didn't" -Dale Carnegie

The quote above might appear odd without context, but it summarises our mission in a way only Mr Carnegie could. This initiative was born out of a problem we saw in our own industry. That problem being the way that companies, creative or otherwise, approach recruitment. We came to realise that companies were inadvertently prioritising how many years somebody spends in their role over output. This not only hurts their business, but also discounts the services of so many incredibly talented young people.

We're not here to discount our creative veterans, it's quite the opposite because we know that many of them once stood where we stand. The goal of the Sear Media Group is to work in an open problem solving loop that allows us to do the tinkering so our clients have the time to serve their community. We look to educate the willing, upskill the most talented and repay the invested so our community can grow and this movement with it.

Our drive is a love of learning and connecting with new people. This company started in a University bedroom in Cheltenham Gloucestershire; but for every book that we read and hand that we shake we may come a step closer to changing the way things are done.

"A lot of content sucks, but yours doesn't have to"


Matt Sear- Founder of the Sear Media Group